On the following pages exceptional solutions ag introduces you the GuiXT product line and in particular the products GuiXT Mobile and GuiXt Server for simple and uncomplicated access to SAP R/3 with mobile devices such as scanners, PDA’s or mobile phones. GuiXT Mobile and GuiXT Server are products of Synactive, Inc., which are distributed by exceptional solutions ag as reseller in Europe. The products Input Assistant, Designer and Viewer are also products of Synactive, Inc., for which we also operate as distribution partner.

If you want to have information about the functionality’s of GuiXT Mobile, but have not used GuiXT before, we recommend to make yourself familiar with the basic functions first. If you would like to see concrete examples, we therefore have prepared the transactions MB1A and LM00. Or simply chose the subject of interest by menu.

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ES-notification and ES- measurement, the mobile solutions for SAP Service Management and ES- inventory for scanner-based stock-taking.Get your free evaluation kit